Welcome to Episode 7 of The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten.  This week the focus is on content marketing, specifically repurposing content.  Content marketing is extremely important to both Hiten and Steli.

Hiten believes the fastest way to create a brand is to create content that sits in there in people’s minds.  Repurposed content can be used in a number of ways.  It can be gated and turned into PDF files that then can be used to to get people to fill in a form which can provide leads.  Webinars based on repurposed content can also get people interested in product demos.

Steli talks about making the content different when using it across various platforms.  He says it’s important that you understand the medium and the audience and create the correct message based on those things.

Today’s Tip

Steli:  Find the right medium for creating your content.  For example, maybe recording a video works best for getting your thoughts out.  If so, do that rather than restrict yourself to first writing content.

Hiten:  Talk to customers, or future customers, and ask them what is their biggest problem or frustration in business. Use what your learn to guide your content marketing efforts. That will ensure that you are writing about something a customer will care about.

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