Welcome to today’s episode of The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten.  Today we’re talking about My First Time.  A friend of Hiten’s is working on his first startup and talks about the uncertainty he faces with it being his first time.  Actually, that uncertainty never goes away no matter how many businesses you’ve started and managing that uncertainty is what we talk about today.

As Hiten says, even as a veteran of startups, there is always the fear of:  is it going to be bigger and better than the last project.  Steli says no matter how many times you start something new it never gets easier.

Because of the fear involved, we think people focus on the easy things to do, but those things don’t matter and the right thing is facing the reality of doing the hard things that must be accomplished.  If your business isn’t about getting customers now,  then why exist at all.  Don’t think about the uncertainty, think about what’s fundamental, and that’s getting customers now.

Today’s Tips:

Steli: When you feel super nervous, take that nervous energy and use it to be more passionate, more animated, more louder in getting the important things done.  Use that energy to serve you.

Hiten: When being uncertain paralyzes you, it keeps you from taking action.  Taking action will give you momentum.  Take some action, even just a small step, and by doing so you’ll gain momentum.

Tell us about your nervousness about uncertainty and how you handle it.  Hit us up on Twitter @Steli or @hnshah, or send us an email.  

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