This time on The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten the topic is childhood and the impact early events have on our lives, our origin stories.  Recently Hiten and Steli were both interviewed separately on the ZenFounder podcast with successful founder Rob Walling and his wife Sherry, who is a clinical psychologist. Links to each of the podcasts will appear at the end of today’s show notes.

Steli and Hiten believe in the value of self-study and thinking about how your childhood influences the person you are today.  For Hiten, talking to Rob and Sherry helped him understand some of the automatic judgements and opinions he has and how the events of his childhood shaped him.

Steli also drew insight from the interview and believes the challenges you overcome give you strength and character.  Both Hiten and Steli endured some difficult challenges while growing up and there is discussion on the impact those challenges had on them and how it continues to drive them today.

Today’s Tips:

Hiten: Watching his dad, Hiten developed a set of preconceived notions about him and he learned years later he may not always get the answer he expected from his father.

Steli: Teachers told him he would never amount to anything.  He knew he had charisma, but wanted to also have the high quality character he admired in his father.  Trying to live up to his father’s example helped Steli shape his own character.

Check out Hiten and Steli‘s own origin stories over at the ZenFounder Podcast. They’re a great listen.

Share your origin stories and discover why you are motivated to do the things you do!

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