Today on The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten we’re talking about the philosophy, building and improving of product.

Hiten says at the end of the day what truly matters is your product.  Steli asks what makes people good product developers and Hiten says it’s when the users of your product love it.

Hiten explains the importance of developing a point of view early. He says you do that by talking to future customers early, understanding how people use a particular product and getting as much information as possible in the early stages.

We talk about why the theory of the development of a great product occurs when you solve your own problem may not always be the best approach, but either way talking to customers is necessary.  Steli believes in the importance of going out of the office and having people interact with your product and watch their reactions and body language.

Today’s Tips:

Steli: If you have a product roadmap, how about have an anti-roadmap.  Don’t just think about the things you want to build in your product, but include the things you will never build.  It’s a powerful exercise to help you make some hard choices.

Hiten: Understand the core of your product early and always try to make it better. Instead of adding features, make everything you already have – better.  Do less and make it better so there is no better product that can ever come out that can do a better job of solving the problem that you already solving for your customers.

Share your ideas on how to build better product or how we can build a better podcast!

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