Consistently producing high quality content that is applicable to your ideal audience is hands down the best way to build branding for your startup.  

But doing this is a lot easier than it sounds.  

The cornerstone of a high quality content program is to always produce Evergreen Content.  These are pieces that are always applicable, never go out of date, and can be used at a reference at any time.  At Steli’s posts are usually technical in nature, and have an opinionated tone to them.  But this style will be different for everyone.

To find your ideal style, just start creating content.  This could be audio, video, or written…the key is to just start and go with what you gravitate toward.  What you do easily and do well is the format you should pursue.

For Hiten it’s not necessarily writing blog content, but curating the best content on a particular topic.  This is brought to life in his weekly newsletter:  SAAS Weekly.

Creating your Raw Material consistently is the key.  This doesn’t have to be the finished product, but is a starting point with the essence of what your material will end up being.  For Steli this is video.  Finding this as his ideal medium meant going from struggling to create a draft of a blog post every few weeks to now creating several high quality videos a day.

Repurposing content is also a great strategy.  Taking a video file as a base can lead to:

  • Audio content for a podcast
  • Raw material that will be the basis for a blog post
  • Replies to posts on message boards like Quora
  • Videos published to YouTube
  • Create an eBook with a compilation of similar topics
  • Send blog posts to designer to create an infographic around
  • Create paid course on a collection of topics

Today’s Tips:

Steli: Find your voice.  What is your unique perspective on a topic?

Hiten: Everyone can create content: find the medium that works best for you.  This should be very natural to you, and will flow easily.

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