Today we’re talking all about Religion.  Strange topic for a startup focused show?  Maybe not. It’s funny how the intersection of passion, dedication, and principles are common to both religious beliefs and your actions in a startup atmosphere.

Hiten comes from a family that is both Hindu and Jain, and Steli has been delving into the practices of Buddhism.  Interesting how Hiten’s religious upbringing so closely mirrors his kind, giving nature even in a hyper-competitive atmosphere such as Silicon Valley.  

“The more human you are, the more human you act”

Steli, growing up Greek Orthodox, saw a lot more negativity from his religious upbringing.  A lot of the shame and condemnation that may be associated with some religions are usually a turnoff for young kids, and were for him at first too.  After an encounter with someone skilled in hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming he’s had a practical shift in his spirituality, arguably for the best.  

What about religion in the workplace, and specifically in a startup environment?  

The US is a very religiously diverse country, and it’s tough to nail down what religion should and shouldn’t look like in a business.  This is one of the areas of diversity that should be embraced within any group, especially a startup company that is operating under pressure, constraints, and stress.  

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