The star of today’s episode is recruitment.  Anyone that’s ever had to hire or recruit knows just how hard it can be. Steli has probably hired over 100 people in his life, and is still struggling to this moment.  This goes to show hiring is hard for so many reasons, and it’s not always lack of experience; today we go through tips and advice to get through it.

Recruiting is Steli’s biggest challenge at the moment, because even if you know what to do to get the right people, it’s a constant struggle between being a producer and creator, to shifting to dedicating enough time to finding people who will be doing the work, and doing it better, in the future.

One of the reasons is because, when making a shift from elastic sales to, Steli’s group really contracted, and was a small but very strong team. Steli was producing and creating, more so than managing and hiring. So after creating this habit, and having two years of momentum of being in heads down mode and being very internal, it wasn’t making it any easier to transition.  

Steli goes through and explains:

         His key tactics for recruiting

         How to shift from creator to manager

         How to dedicate your time to the right kind of progress

         Why it’s important to start recruiting before you need to

         His plan to rise above the struggle

What’s interesting about today’s episode is that you get to hear Steli analyze himself and his ‘fundamental founder’s struggle’, and the conclusions he’s reached about his own behavior.  He’ll be telling us the process he goes through when recruiting now, and why it changed so drastically.

Hiten also has a cool trick he uses for recruiting and hiring for us today, and finish up the show by talking about a few of his other experiences as a recruiter and the importance of investing your time, and investing in people, because even if your business may not seem to need it now, you can never be too safe.

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