In an earlier episode of The Startup Chat we talked about getting your first 10 customers.  Today we talk about getting your next 10 to 100 customers and even moving beyond that number.  Adding customers at any stage is a difficult process, but we will explain some tactics that can help you scale.

The first place to start is by going deep into understanding the customers you have.  You’ll need to focus on the most successful customers and learn more about them.  It’s important to recognize which customers are right for your company as well as which customers your company is right for.  

In this episode we break down the steps in gaining 10 to 100 customers and moving from 100 to 1,000.  Topics covered include:

  • The importance of making yourself available to the customer in a very personal way in the beginning
  • Ways to reach out to the customer
  • Short term and long term goals and how they switch with increased customer acquisition
  • Ways to anticipate scaling to the next level
  • How your areas of responsibility change with each stage reached
  • How to create a work structure for your business to grow
  • The importance of anticipating if team members can grow and scale to the next stage

A mistake is to do the right thing, but at the wrong time.  Every step of the way in adding customers will require you to shift your priorities.  As you move forward in getting customers the overall process doesn’t necessarily get easier, but you’ll be able to draw on the things that helped you get more customers and move forward.

If you want to listen to episode 30 where we talked about getting your first customers, you’ll find it here, How to Get Your First 10 Customers.

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