Today we’re featuring Hiten and Steli’s advice for the younger and experiential generation. Steli goes in depth and tells us how he evolved from being bad at giving advice to being Hiten’s role model, what the advice was he gave (he actually reads the messages!) and how it would be different today; tying all this back to how it relates to millenials.

Today’s topics include:

  • The importance of being effective
  • Why you should be creating a new framework
  • How to create a customized way of giving advice
  • The differences between the job market, then and now
  • The importance of being your own person and accounting for it

When you’re thinking that startups and entrepreneurship have this clearly defined framework, and that if you follow somebody else’s footsteps you’re going to succeed, know that there’s nothing further from the truth. It’s not about trying to win; it’s about trying to figure shit out.

You’re not going to instantly be the best just because you’re in the room. Patience is key; there’s a lot more width in what most young people are interacting with, but there’s less time to go really in depth with things, and that depth can sometimes be where it all ties in.

Tips of the day:

“Life isn’t fucking school and it’s not a fucking game. There aren’t clearly defined rules, there’s not a ranking list in everything; life is a lot more ambiguous. It’s a lot more about figuring out what kind of life you want to live and how you want to live it, than winning at life.” – Hiten

“Try to be lot more thoughtful about understanding your intuition, so you can explain it to the other person in your advice.” – Steli

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