Everything in life is a negotiation, in one way or another. Or at least, that’s how Steli and Hiten want you to look at it. Today we’re talking about negotiating broadly in life. Stepping out of your typical mind frame, remembering your value, and using time to your advantage are all crucial points. The more time you invest, the more invested you are.

Today’s topics include:

  • The importance of negotiating
  • Why you need to start laying out your intentions
  • The core principles of negotiation
  • It’s short term and long term forms
  • How to know your line in the sand
  • Why Steli and Hiten choose value over budget

There’s always a give and take. So just put it all on the table, and discuss what you both care about in the context of the business relationship. Don’t let yourself be brought down by the buyer: the right deal will change both companies’ lives. You just need to have confidence, and control the conversation in the sales process without getting stuck in the pressure. Be ready for any outcome, prepare yourself for that internal battle and analyze how it will affect your business life.

Today’s tips:

Steli: “No matter what happens, think ‘I will be happy.’ Internalize that, and you’ll get what you want.”

Hiten’s negotiation tactics:

“The more time we invest, the more invested we are. The more invested we are, the less effective we are at negotiating.”

“If you just shut the fuck up, the social awkwardness of the situation will force the other side to keep talking and they’ll reveal what’s really on their mind.”

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