Today we are talking about the things we’ve learned from our children. Steli has two sons and Hiten has a son and daughter.  Our children have taught us many things and today we will break down how some of those things have helped us in our business and in our interactions with others.

We both agree that having kids has made us utilize our time better in focusing on the things we need to get done in a day so that we are able to have time with our kids.  We have also learned a lot from observing our kids learn and we appreciate the differences in how our children react and learn.

Topics discussed include:

  • How the stages of crawl, walk and run apply to not only to kids, but also business
  • Why communicating with your kids helps you explain yourself better to adults
  • The importance of rewarding effort
  • How having the discipline to not engage in certain situations can be very helpful in your business interactions


Hiten:  Some of the things you learn from kids can be the important things you could ever learn so take time to observe kids.  Watch how they learn and let it inspire you in your own business.

Steli: Children are masters at being present in the moment.  Think of them as meditative Buddhist teachers who are waiting to teach you all about mindfulness and presence.

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