What do you do for fun?  It’s a fairly simple question, but one we struggle to answer.  Today we talk about the things that give us enjoyment and help to make us more rounded individuals.  

We both agree that learning is our favorite thing to do for fun.  Steli is taking an online course from the High Performance Institute that deals with managing your own high performance.  He talks about how it teaches managing different types of energy, such as quality, quantity, focus and force. Steli is also enjoying martial arts where he can push himself physically and take joy in being a beginner at something.

Hiten enjoys cooking for others and talks about the experience of preparing food.  Hiten also likes having conversations, whether it’s chatting to a barista and learning about their craft or talking to somebody at a dinner party and discovering details about a business that isn’t familiar to him.  Hiten also talks about a interesting game he plays to inform his intuition when he’s in a room with conversation that he is not necessarily a part of. We also talk about how our social interactions differ depending on the situation we are in.


Steli:  For interests, look for things that are very different from the things you typically do in your life and make time for them.  It will give you fun and balance in your life.

Hiten: When you find these things, you’ll find connections in all the things you do in your day to day life and it will help you with those things as well.


High Performance-Energy for Performance e-course

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin

Team of Teams by Gen. Stanley McChrystal

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