Today we dive into Steli and Hiten’s top tactics and strategies for work-life balance and life happiness. It boils down to measuring your own time, and whether you feel productive, and whether you’re working on things that recharge you and make you happy.

“Naturally you’re going to be unbalanced, I like to ask myself regularly am I spending enough time with the people that matter?” – Steli

Today’s topics include:

  • Why you should start working on more things that are easy
  • Steli’s strategies to being at his best during the day
  • Figuring out what gives you energy and gets you going
  • The difference between motivation and inspiration
  • Having an energy-creating or energy-subtracting kind of day
  • The story behind Hiten’s major shift in work mentality and his “aha” moment

Hiten went from thinking that balance is bullshit, to shifting to the realization that it’s about whether you’re productive and whether what you’re doing really matters at the end of the day, while creating habits that let you reach peak performance along the way.

Today’s tips on work-life balance:


  • Keep a journal, and put in bullet points everything that’s been great from that month. Before the next month starts, reevaluate the year. When I glance over mine, it helps gives me perspective about all the great things in my life.
  • “Being busy is a form of laziness.” Making other people suffer because I wasn’t productive isn’t fair. So I make sure that the next day, I’m really getting my A-game and getting shit done.


  • Take quick notes to get things off your mind, so you can move on to the next best thing. I do it after all my meetings, whether it be on how to have a better meeting next time, how to apologize to someone, etc. but I’m getting it out of my head.
  • Get feedback from the people that matter the most in your life. “You can’t get any better if you don’t know how other people think of you” Find a way to constantly get feedback.  

How do you create life balance and happiness, and what gives you energy? Let us know and tell us what you like about the show and what we can do better.

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