Welcome to the Startup Chat’s first Website Teardown Edition. Steli and Hiten will be going through all of the websites posted on the Facebook group, and giving their feedback and advice, hate delivered kindly, about each one. These are the websites they tore down:

Steli and Hiten had a few tips that applied to almost every website:

– Focus on your niche. Portray the company’s unique qualities throughout the entire website. Are you the less expensive and easier route? Great! But why? The guys wanted to know and so do your customers. Tell them who you are and why you should be their #1 choice.

– Be sure it’s congruent. Meaning that if you’re a small startup with a relaxed environment, but have very business-like people portrayed on your website, maybe you should think twice about what type of customer you want to attract.

– Prioritize. Put the most important information (contact information, testimonials, business concept, etc.) where it belongs; at the top. You have the power to force your visitors to see anything you choose, as long as you put it where they’ll actually find it.

There were so many other tips and tricks shared, and we can’t wait for you to hear the episode and see for yourself. If you enjoyed this edition, let us know so we can keep making more!

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