Today Hiten and Steli discuss the importance of telling a good story. Storytelling is a part of everyday life. It is a core skill that is used to educate and entertain audiences and business connections. Hiten and Steli share how they use storytelling to introduce themselves and make a memorable impression.

Some of the reasons storytelling is so effective are:

  • It’s visual — using storytelling gives the audience an image to associate with your message.
  • It’s easier to teach a lesson — listeners latch on to stories a lot easier than a list of bullet points. This makes the point more memorable.
  • It’s natural. Storytelling is human nature. It happens even without us noticing it.

Steli advises to tell your own story. Every person is unique and should bring that uniqueness to the telling of that story. Practice it, and keep what works and cut the rest. Ask yourself why you cared so much about the point to help find the interesting part of the story.

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