Trust is a fundamentally important thing in any team and sometimes it’s something we don’t give enough thought to.  Today we are talking about trust among your co-founders and team members and how we think about evaluating people in regard to trust.

Steli talks about a recent retreat his team had and how the topic of trust was discussed.  It was an opportunity to refresh and reevaluate company core values. Those shared core values allow for the building of trust.  Being able to trust your co-founders and team is a fundamental quality of your work life.

As we think about building and evaluating trust, these are a few of the topics covered:

  • The importance of having shared personal values in evaluating trust with someone
  • Decision trees in regard to evaluating people for trust
  • Vulnerability and risk in trusting co-founders
  • The importance of trust, but verify

Today’s Tips:

Hiten:  Have a conversation with the people you trust about the topic of trust to help you figure out what trust means to you.  Figure out your shared values.  Ask yourself what you’re doing to build trust in your relationships.

Steli:  The ability to trust others cultivates the ability of others to trust you.  Ask yourself what areas with your co-founders or team are you completely trusting of others and why.  Then ask yourself what areas you’ve had trouble trusting others and why, and then think about what you could do to improve that.      

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