Today Hiten and Steli discuss the importance of being self-aware. Self-awareness is knowing how you make others around you feel. Individuals can be self-aware as well as companies. Examples of good self-awareness in companies are HubSpot and Facebook.

Companies with good self-awareness are able to take their mistakes and correct them for future growth. Even companies that seem to have a distorted reality of their brand (for example Steve Jobs) have a form of self-awareness. Many people lack self-awareness and most may have it in one area of their life, but not in another.

Hiten and Steli are going to tell their listeners today:

  • How to become good at self-awareness.
  • When people are bad at self-awareness and the consequences of it.
  • How to use self-awareness to improve yourself.

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Resources Mentioned Today:



My Experiments with Truth, by: Gandhi

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