Today’s episode is about how to get started blogging your SaaS product. Blogging is one of the most innovative ways of making money and driving traffic that we know of. Think about how many pages there are on your website. Probably not that many right? Now think about how often you update said pages. Even less, right? Fortunately, blogging helps to solve both of these problems.

We share our secrets about when you should get started, how to do it, and the common mistakes in planning that we’ve seen over the years in our own businesses. We also explain some of the questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Is it a timely thing for me to blog?
  • When should I start a blog?
  • Is my customer reading blogs?
  • In the long run, what’s a problem I’m going to have?
  • How do I drive traffic to something if I don’t have a brand yet?

We give you our top advice about how to accelerate your business, and explain the system that will work for any business to gain leads. We wrap it up by discussing blogging vs. paid acquisition, the benefits of Facebook, and how to keep your readers coming back for more.

Today’s tips:

Hiten: Aggregations of things tend to work really well for traffic. There are a bunch of ways to make creating content easier and faster.

Steli: Get into the habit of observing everything that’s going on and thinking: “Could this be a good blog post?” The most compelling content will come from the most compelling thing in your life. You can find blog content everywhere if you just start looking at your life as a source of content. It’s a journey; it’s not just a blog post.

If you have a blog and you’d like our opinion, just shoot us an email and we’d love to look at it and give you some tips.

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