Building a business and spending a lot of time working at a computer can make it easy to neglect your health. Today we are going to talk about fitness for founders. We have both discovered a fitness practice that we are excited about.


Steli started kickboxing in 2015, and he fell in love with martial arts and mixed martial arts. He loves the physical as well as the mental challenge of the sport. Having to push through the physical challenges of martial arts reminds him of when had to push through the mental challenges of building a business.

There is also a mental component of martial arts. He loves the challenge of mastering something very high stakes. Steli explains the aspects of the challenge he most enjoys.  

Steli loves feeling fit, but he is also in love with the journey that the quest for mastery brings. He is at a point now where if he doesn’t exercise it feels like not showering or brushing his teeth it is just a natural part of his day. He also feels that martial arts pushes him in a way another workout regimen would not.


Hiten has also had a certain glow about him. He is losing weight, his smile is brighter and he just looks different. He has changed his way of eating and has found a form of fitness that works for him.

At the encouragement of his wife Hiten has been going to a gym that uses the Orange Theory. This is a form of workout where you keep a certain heart rate for 12-20 minutes to achieve optimum fitness benefits.

This is the perfect workout routine for Hiten because he gets the maximum ROI on his fitness. He gives an overview of the workout and the benefits he gets from it.

We would love to hear from other people about what you are doing about fitness while building a business. You can also get in touch with us if you are inspired by something we have shared.

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