We have been noticing a trend in our Facebook group that points to startups trying to share their experience and advice with each other. We think that’s great, but it made us realize that we’re not that involved in the group. We want our group to be more than just a discussion forum. We want to give our audience some real value.

We’re going to try an experiment with the Facebook group. We are going to become a place for high quality and valuable content. Hiten is the king of this, and on today’s episode, he’s going to share how he finds his content and what he thinks makes it valuable.

We’re going to discuss content aggregation and curation. Here are some of today’s topics:

  • Our new direction for the Facebook group. www.thestartupchat/fb
  • Why Hiten prefers to share content instead of regurgitating the same information.
  • Hiten’s main sources for content.
  • Maker mode vs. Manager mode.
  • The future of content sharing.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Growth Hackers



Designer News



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