Here at The Start-Up Chat we place a very high value on words and how those words are used. Our topic today is how the power of words affects your business. The words you choose not only affects the perception of your company, but it can affect your team as well. Language should be clear and deliberate in business. Today we’re going to tell you why and how you can improve your word choices in your business dealings.

Why you should monitor your word choices are covered by these points:

  • How language can create both positive and negative imagery
  • Using We vs. I in your statements
  • Associated and Disassociated communication
  • The benefits of a colorful and creative vocabulary
  • Ways to listen more

Language is very important when building a company. These tips and exercises should help you become more self-aware in meetings and other official communications. The better you can express yourself, the better you can represent your company.

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