In recent interviews we have mentioned our parents and how they influenced our lives. We decided that today’s episode would be about our parents  and just how much they’ve done for us.  Now we could go on for hours on this subject and there will probably be follow up episodes to this one. However today we’re just going to explore how our parents’ influence has helped us in business.

To begin with we have similar backgrounds. Both of us lost a parent at a young age, we both grew up with grandparents living in the home with us, and both our families had strong religious beliefs. Other than those similarities we share these main points.

  • Life for Steli’s mom and her incredible example.
  • Steli’s decision to leave this world without any regrets.
  • Hiten’s parents and how they came to America.
  • Hiten’s dad and his selflessness.
  • How Hiten’s mother’s death has affected him.
  • What these influences have meant to our business practices.

There will be at least a part 2 to this episode, but for today we hope we’ve touched on an appreciation you can see in your own family.

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