We often talk about the importance of charging what you’re worth, but today we are going to tell you about instances where free work is ideal. To begin with let’s make it clear that this method of  marketing only works well for service based businesses. Companies can offer their service to a larger company in exchange for a logo placement of mention during a podcast or other medium.

We have two relationships that are based on this method. We don’t mention during the podcast, but we do feature their logos on the website. We work with Podcast Motor and WeBuild. Podcast Motor is the team that helps us get the podcast together for our audience. WeBuild is the team who designed our landing page and gave us the great platform for the podcast. Both of these arrangements were made because we had something that each of us needed. We had the audience and they needed the exposure.

We discuss this topic with the following points:

  • The growth of Podcast Motor and WeBuild
  • How to decide if this method of marketing is best for your business
  • When to use this marketing approach
  • Where to look for potential partnerships

Keep in mind this method of marketing only works with people you really want to work with and want a long term relationship. It doesn’t mean if you offer free things you will automatically get exposure. Offer your work to someone who can use it and can offer you something in return.

Resources Mentioned During Today’s Episode:

Podcast Motor


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