Today’s topic is how to make meetings more meaningful.  Hiten has, on average, 25 meetings a week. We both have many requests for our time and advice.  As we take a look at the role meetings play in our lives, we both feel that the most important meetings are those where we can add value.  There are a number of ways to look at structuring meetings and finding the best ways to share information and ideas.

We break today’s episode into discussing two types of meetings, the external meetings we have with people who are often looking for advice and internal meetings involving members of our teams.

Topics discussed involving external meetings:

  • The best ways to use email to respond to determine if a meeting should occur
  • Ways to share resources, (including recommending particular episodes of The Startup Chat)
  • The benefits of holding meet-ups to get together with more than one person at a time
  • Why it’s a good idea to request context from the person ahead of a meeting so time isn’t wasted getting ramped up for the discussion

Topics covered dealing with internal meetings:

  • The two most common types of team meetings – update meetings and brainstorming meetings and how we do both types
  • The importance of adding structure to either type of meeting
  • Designating somebody to keep everybody on target  
  • The importance of determining if the ROI is worth the cost of internal meetings


The Startup Chat Episode 094: What to Do When Moving to Silicon Valley


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