A lot of startups use travel as a means to team build or as an incentive to sales teams. Today we discuss how travel is beneficial to your business. We also discuss the pros and cons of planning a business retreat for remote teams meet-ups. Hiten doesn’t have company travel trips, but Steli has about 2 a year.

Team travel is great for remote teams who wouldn’t meet each other any other time. Steli shares why he and his team take their trips and how they go about it. This year they plan to have a team trip to Berlin. Steli gives us an insight into traveling with a team, maybe it will help you plan for the next meet-up or encourage you to go meet some distant clients.

Some of the tips Steli mentions today are below:

  • How to use team trips for larger conversations
  • The downside of traveling
  • The benefits of experience with travel (the more you do, the better you are it)
  • Learning to gauge how productive a trip will be
  • The reasons to travel with your team

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