Today we talk about the importance of keeping an eye on your company’s churn numbers. Churn is a term used for the loss of something. There are different types of churn, but today we are going to focus on customer churn. Every business has churn, but an enterprise business should deal with churn differently, than a SaaS business. Today we’ll focus on SaaS business.

We share our tips and takeaways from working with churn numbers. Churn is something a company wants to get a grip on early on in the business. We tell you how to go about that as well as other aspects to keep in mind.

The topics we covered today are:

  • Why customer churn is important
  • What is churn?
  • When should you worry about churn?
  • What is a benchmark regarding churn, how to measure it
  • Enterprise business vs. SaaS business
  • Gross churn vs. Net churn
  • How to lower churn

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