When you are a non-engineer founder communicating with engineers is essential, but it can also be tricky.  On this episode we talk about each of our backgrounds in working with engineers in the early days of our businesses, lessons learned and some best practices in working with engineers when you don’t have an engineering background.

The relationship between founders and engineers often relies on the ability to effectively communicate with each other, both in providing information and having a level of understanding on what’s being said to you so that you can use that information in practical ways.  

Our best practices guidelines include:

  • What it means to being open to the engineering mindset
  • Should you learn to how to code?
  • The importance of asking questions
  • Why there is a need to develop a workflow with engineers
  • Engineers think in precise terms and how being mindful of that will improve communication
  • Asking questions in a way that give you the answers you need

For their final tips, Steli thinks it would be helpful for you to find an “engineering coach” who is somebody who may have that engineering background and as a friend can guide you in working with engineers when you most need it and Hiten discusses how pretending the engineer you are communicating with is a friend you already know can give you a different perspective.

Resources Mentioned:

The Startup Chat Episode 91: Leadership vs Management

Paul Graham: Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule

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