Being in a startup has become “the cool thing” to do, but lots of corporate people are hesitant to make a move. On today’s The Startup Chat we discuss how to deal with people or potential employees who have had a corporate background. Many corporate people are curious about the startup world, but are afraid of the differences.

We talk about these differences and how as a startup owner you can find the right people for your team. We discuss why people are on the fence with working for a startup. We also talk about how to meet teams and find out if startups are for you.

The topics we discussed during today’s episode are below:

  • The reasons people don’t make the jump from corporate to startup
  • How to take smaller steps to the change
  • How to be valuable to startups
  • Meeting the right team
  • Creating a realistic company introduction
  • Why leaving corporate isn’t a permanent thing
  • Why this decision is great and exciting
  • Why corporate businesses are a great recruitment ground

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