In light of Steli and hiring a varitey of product team members; we want to talk about company onboarding. Onboarding new employees is totally different for a startup. On today’s episode we talk about our methods of onboarding and why how you onboard an employee will effect your team and the productivity of your business.

There are numerous ways to onboard someone, but there are a few methods that work best. We discuss all the methods and help you see if your method is productive.

The topics we discuss today are:

  • Why employee retention is important
  • The “deep end” approach of onboarding
  • The pros and cons of the “deep end” method
  • How the first week is the best indicator of a good hire
  • The way Slack can improve onboarding
  • The problems of over-doing onboarding
  • Corporate onboarding vs. Startup onboarding

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