We talk about how in business you meet transactional people. Today we talk about what a transactional person is and how to deal with them. Business is a transactional experience. However some people think that approaching people with a false sense of friendship is the way to get something. It’s not.

If you want to get something from someone, just ask for what you want. Don’t try to be a friend. It wastes everyone’s time. Trying to build a relationship based on business is flimsy. During today’s episode we talk about how to be genuine in a transactional capacity.

The points we discussed today:

  • What is a transactional relationship
  • The right way to approach a transaction
  • The wrong way to approach a transaction
  • Why a real relationship should be for the long term
  • How do you feel after a meeting
  • Why you just need to be yourself
  • Why “fanning out” is a bad thing
  • Don’t rank people by “importance”

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