Today Steli picks Hiten’s brain about SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Hiten is an expert on this topic and has a lot to say about content creation and site linking. Google is the ultimate search engine to use for exposure. That is why there are tactics designed to fight Google’s practices.

Hiten will share the best practices to optimize Google and why it’s in your best interest to do them. So on today’s The Startup Chat we discuss the right and wrong way to use SEO for your website.

The topics we discussed today:

  • What is SEO
  • The role of content and links in SEO
  • What use to work in the past
  • What has changed
  • What are more desirable links
  • The things Google knows about your site
  • Why you need to really think about your content and url structure
  • Who should know SEO in your business
  • What makes a good link
  • What makes good content

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