We talk about PR (Public Relations) today. This is an interesting topic because it’s subjective. PR is only worth the time and energy you’re willing to put into it. Too many agencies or con artists claim they can meet a startup’s need. Unfortunately you can waste a lot of money and time that way.

Today we talk about legitimate ways to stir up PR and when it is a practical expense for your business.

The topics we covered on today’s episode:

  • Why do you need PR?
  • The 2 reasons to do PR?
  • How PR can make your startup seem larger.
  • How to use PR as an opener to larger companies.
  • Using PR to raise money.
  • PR as a strategic tool.
  • How to do PR.
  • The difference between outsourcing, in-housing, and DIY.
  • The benefits of DIY (Do It Yourself.)
  • How to reach out to journalists, bloggers, etc.
  • The importance of giving the media a direct line to you.

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