Accelerators and Incubators… what’s the difference? We answer that question today on the podcast.

For reference, an accelerator is a group of investors who will take your idea and company and guide it and speed things along.

An incubator is a company that is constantly starting startups. Incubators are often a bunch of small companies under the umbrella of one large company.

Today we’re going to talk about if these companies and investors are worth the time.

The topics we discussed today:

  • Hiten’s research into fundraising and how to get involved.
  • What is an accelerator?
  • What is an incubator?
  • Steli’s experience with an accelerator.
  • Why you would use an accelerator.
  • How to get into an accelerator program.
  • Why you need to do due diligence before applying.
  • When you need an accelerator.
  • The things accelerator look for in an applicant.

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