99% of success in life is all about how you think about it. On today’s The Startup Chat we talk about the beliefs and “stories” people tell themselves that change their success. We have talked a lot about storytelling in the past, but today’s focus will be why we tell those stories.

Entrepreneurs have an innate ability to find the balance of optimism and realism. Today we’ll tell you how to find that balance. There are numerous things a founder can believe, and there are dozens of reasons why they believe those things. However we will teach you to weed out the bad beliefs and bolster the good ones.

Today’s points:

  • Most people aren’t self-aware.
  • How childhood affects our beliefs.
  • Why we hate the phrase “that’s hard.”
  • The power of words.
  • Why you should write your beliefs down to evaluate them.
  • How your perspective affects your evidence of truth.
  • “I can’t do this” vs. “I’m not good at this yet.”
  • How to think about failure.

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