Welcome to Episode 4 of The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten.  Today we’re talking all about giving and receiving advice.  Both of us get a lot of advice and give a lot of advice in business.

First, remember that advice is a 2 way street  

Getting Advice

  • Don’t ask someone advice on how they did something, but on how You Should Do something.
  • Don’t spend too much time telling the backstory behind it.  You need just enough information to give informed advice, but this can be a way of steering a conversation and asking probing questions.
  • Get advice from someone one step ahead of you, and give advice to people one step behind you.  Otherwise it’s just inspiration.

Giving Advice

  • Have it be timely, something the person you’re giving it to can actually take action on.  People too far away from a problem just can’t relate to what problems you’re facing.
  • Focus on the Framework, not just the specific target you’re trying to achieve of that question.
  • The best advice is when someone guides you through how to think about a problem, asks good questions, and removes barriers between a current situation and the future goals.

In the end, we’re just trying to help people be a better version of themselves.

Tips of the Week

Steli:  If you’re seeking advice, at the end of an interaction think of the one thing you can take action on immediately.

Hiten:  Have a defined purpose and intent before going in to a meeting.

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