Welcome to Episode 8 of The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten.  Today’s topic is sales.

Hiten calls Steli the modern salesman and asks what advice he would have for somebody who has never done sales.

Steli explains various models of salespeople and zones in on the “friendly-strength” model.  This type of salesperson is well rounded and has empathy.  They want to help others.  They are also competitive with strength and clarity and champion the sales close.  He believes that 80 percent of a salesperson’s  time with a potential customer should be spent understanding how the product will benefit the customer and once they have determined that, they will stop at nothing to close the sale.  It’s about understanding the customer and being strong in offering the solution.

Hiten and Steli talk about various sales tactics and hacks that aren’t successful and end with  buyer’s remorse.

Hiten believes the way people used to sell just isn’t going to work anymore.

Today’s Tip

Steli:  If you are struggling when talking to a prospect ask your prospect for help, as in “help me out here, what am I doing wrong”.

Hiten:  If you are going to scale a business you’ll need to talk to people, so get off your ass and talk to people.

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