Build it and they will come.  This assumption may be the biggest mistake a new company can make.  It has crippled even veteran entrepreneurs, not to mention the counts of first time entrepreneurs that fail before they even get started each year.

We all know that this should be avoided at all cost, and this is done by validating the business problem with real prospective customers.  But if you’ve already gone down this rabit hole and your product is finished then let’s face that reality going forward.  The first thing to realize is that what you’ve done to this point means nothing to the future of your business.  

“The day you go out to get customers for your startup is Day 1 for your company”

At some point you have to go get the customers, and that should be done before any development starts on a product.  This can be a website, an app, a service business, anything that needs promotion and you will sell.  

To get started there are 2 distinct angles you can take:  Marketing and Sales.  For marketing, when you write a blog post focused on your target audience, make sure you include your contact info (email, Twitter handle, Facebook page, etc.) in the post.  Then go send that post with your friends and network.  

To get started in actually selling your product, the best thing to do is go meet people in person.  Ask questions, listen intently, and get honest feedback.  After you get that feedback, ask for the sale.  This can be uncomfortable at first, but if you begin with people you’re comfortable with it will get easier as you expand your reach.  

Today’s Tip:

Steli:  Every day do 1 new thing that involves talking to a new customer.  This can be cold calls, emails, blog posts, network building.  Anything that will build your ability to sell your product in the future.

Hiten:  Convert from building to sharing.  Get your shit out there, today!

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