Today we’re going to talk about hiring and the interview process. There are a few things that hold true regardless of what type of employee you’re hiring and a few that are more specific to the type of employee you’re trying to bring on board.

As a team, there should be a hiring process.  Every person in the chain should not be asking the same questions. It’s a waste of time for the interviewer and the person who’s seeking a job. Put a process in place – make each interviewer responsible for obtaining specific information about the candidate.

Today’s topics include:

How to interview salespeople

Best questions to ask during an interview

Assessing a candidate’s skills

Selecting the right candidate(s)

You need people that you can rely on, know predictably what they’re going to do. You need to see how they deal with crushing failure and overwhelming success – do they still come to work the next day?

Tips for the Interviewer:

  • Test candidates on what they’re going to actually be doing – this way you can see their skills in action and compare candidates
  • Have them write something – communication skills are critical in any role
  • Hire in threes – you never really know who you are hiring

Tips for the Interviewee:

  • Write a love letter
  • Show you want it

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