Today’s topics are so closely intertwined that people often don’t realize the differences between the two: sales and marketing. Steli and Hiten will be building a few much needed bridges between them, so let’s dive in.

Our backgrounds in sales and marketing continue to shape the things our businesses do today.  Steli has been involved in sales his entire life.  The internal software developed in his business led to the CRM software that inside sales teams and startups around the world are using.  Hiten companies grew into a consulting services agency that helps other companies with online marketing.  Hiten is a marketer first and cares about products and marketing.  

Today’s topics include:

  • Sales vs. Marketing
  • Creating an overachieving culture
  • What does “qualified” mean?
  • The #1 complaint that Hiten hears from sales people.
  • The things marketers don’t get about sales and vice versa
  • How to decide on a sales approach

Today’s tip:

“Find a way to work together.”

Hiten feels the best approach is to make sales and marketing feel like a partnership between the company.  Steli explains that it may feel like one is on offense and the other on defense, but sales and marketing need to act as one team playing the same game.  Hiten says it’s important to find a way to have the two work together for your company to succeed.

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