Welcome to Episode 5 of The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten.  Today we’re talking about a problem that a lot of startup founders face:  Being Overwhelmed.

Hiten’s main hack to keeping a calm mind is to Be In The Moment.  Don’t try to focus on a thousand things at once.  Do one thing at a time and calm that “Monkey Mind”.

On Meditation:  Take away the ambition from it.  There’s not a goal to it, it’s just a process.

Steli and Hiten both tell the ways they know there’s too much going on in their lives.  Steli says it’s when he says Yes to too many things.  Hiten says that if he has any indecision about a problem he’s facing then he knows he’s overwhelmed.

A key point to remember is to look at yourself and what is making you feel overwhelmed, and make a change that will have a positive impact on your situation.  This can come in the number of commitments you’re making, how you’re managing your time, or even your emotional state.

Today’s Tips:

Steli:  Have everyone on your team send you a default action with their progress updates to you.  If you don’t reply with a different course of action then they will know it is ok to proceed with that default course of action.

Hiten:  If you feel overwhelmed, you’re probably exhibiting it in weird behavior.  Often times this comes in the form of procrastination.

Let us know if you’re overwhelmed, and how you deal with it.  Hit us up on Twitter @Steli or @hnshah.

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